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2007 HHE Statehouse Visit


Policies regarding contact with elected officials, political activities of university faculty and staff, and political meetings can be found in the Academic Handbook. For more information on the policies and disclosure forms view or

Indiana University also has policies that prohibit technology resources from being used in a manner that violates the law, for private commercial activities that are not approved by the university, for personal private gain, or for political campaigning and similar activities that are inconsistent with the university's tax-exempt status. For a full copy of these policies view:

As a public institution, IUPUI must also comply with federal and state requirements for the disclosure of lobbying activity of federal officials, political campaign activity, and voter registration activity.

Should you have any questions, please call: 317-274-7400

Jennifer Boehm, IUPUI Director of Community and Government Relations
Amy Conrad Warner, IUPUI Vice Chancellor for External Affairs

Lobbying Disclosure

There are two sections of the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act which require IUPUI to report contact with legislative and executive branch officials. First, any member of the university must report any contact with covered officials on behalf of the university. Quarterly contact reports must be submitted through Indiana University's Office of Federal Relations. Second, lobbyists and lobbyist employers are required to file semi-annual reports detailing political contributions, donations, and other expenditures made to or for the benefit of, covered legislative and executive branch officials. This includes events named for, or recognitions given to, Members of Congress.

For more information on the policies and disclosure forms view

Guidelines for Political Campaign Invitations, Events, and Activities

Indiana University encourages students, staff, and faculty members to exercise their constitutional right to vote and to actively participate and express their opinions regarding local, state, and national political candidates, issues, and referendums. However, as a public institution, Indiana University receives tax exempt status under sections 115 and 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In order to maintain this status, the University shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign and must prevent its resources from being used in any way that could appear to support a political candidate. Please review Guidelines for Political Campaign Invitations, Events, and Activities.

Voter Registration

Voter registration forms are available online at the Indiana Secretary of State website and the Election Assistance Commission website. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print the form.

Registration Deadline: Applications must be postmarked (or hand delivered to your county voter registration office) no later than 29 days before the next election.

In compliance with certain federal and state requirements, IUPUI is making self-mailing voter registration forms available at: University Library, 755 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis; and the Registrar's office, IUPUI Campus Center, 420 University Boulevard, Room 250, Indianapolis.

Forms can also be obtained at:
County Voter Registration Office
Public Libraries
State License Branches
For more information visit: