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Office of Community Engagement

Amy Conrad Warner, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs
Amy Conrad Warner
IUPUI Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis has strengthened its commitment to faculty, staff, students and the Indianapolis community through the creation of a comprehensive Office of Community Engagement.

The new office, which builds on IUPUI’s international reputation for engagement, coordinates meaningful connections between internal campus resources—faculty, staff and students—and external partners such as businesses, nonprofits, schools, health care providers and neighborhood organizations.

Through the integration of the Office of External Affairs, the Community Learning Network, the Center for Service and Learning and the Solution Center, the Office of Community Engagement will be charged with identifying engagement focus areas that address high priority, community-identified needs. The new office will have initiatives focused on neighborhood, school and family partnerships; professional development and corporate training; and building a culture of engagement among students, faculty, staff and alumni.


Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement
Amy Conrad Warner 274-7400

Administrative Assistant
Shari Upchurch 274-7400

Assistant Vice Chancellor
Jennifer Boehm 278-2664

Director of Facilities and Technology
Manocher Allaei 274-2356

Web and Technology Manager
Ryan Hobson 278-9720

Director of Finance and Administration
Janie Faulkner 278-2387

Assistant Business Manager
Connie Annoskey 274-5006

Director of Assessment
Kristin Norris 278-0013

Communication Manager
Kelly Courtney 278-2335

Communication Specialist
Teresa Francis 274-9430

Communication and Engagement Strategist
Vernon Williams 274-8710

Special Initiatives
Cindy Gil 274-7400
Marcia Owens 274-7400

University Hall
301 University Boulevard, Room 4008
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Main Phone 274-7400
Fax 278-0898

Center for Service and Learning 278-2662
Family, School and Neighborhood Engagement 278-2000
Professional Development and Corporate Education 278-9170